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ILSP/Athena R.C.:
Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Athena Research Centre,
Language Technologies Department (GR) - Coordinator

Katerina Pastra

Role in the project: Project Coordination, PRAXICON Development and Computational extension experiments, Cognitive Experiments, Dissemination

The University System of Maryland Foundation, Inc.,
University of Maryland College Park,
Computer Vision Laboratory (USA)

Yiannis Aloimonos

Role in the project: Development of the Human Activity Language (motoric and visual action parsers)
The University of Ljubljana,
Visual Cognitive Systems Laboratory (SL)

Ales Leonardis

Role in the project: Development of the language of visual object representations (visual object parser)
Max-Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics,
Cognitive and Computational Psychophysics Department (DE)

Christian Wallraven, Heinrich Buelthoff

Role in the project: Data Recordings, Development of the language of facial expressions
Italian Institute of Technology,
Department of Robotics, Behavior, and Cognitive Science (IT)

Giulio Sandini, Giorgio Metta

Role in the project: Experimentation with a humanoid platform
University of Ferrara,
Department of Biomedical Sciences, Neurolab (IT)

Luciano Fadiga, Laila Craighero

Role in the project: Neurophysiological Experiments

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