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Research papers, talks, and other dissemination activities related to POETICON




Invited talks


  • Pastra K. (18 June 2009), "Lithic tools and language references: exploring language-action associations for a...PRAXICON", University of Parma, FP6-NEST Hand2Mouth project Meeting, Parma, Italy.

  • Pastra K. (7 May 2009), "From Lexicon to...PRAXICON: language-image-action associations", Institute of Archaeology, University College of London, London, U.K.

  • Vataki A. (2 November 2009), "The concept of psychological time and the case of audiovisual temporal perception", ESF Exploratory Workshop on "Qualities in Perception", Rovereto, Italy.

  • Aloimonos Y. (August 2009), "Segmenting the world visually", European Conference in Visual Perception, ECVP, Regensburg, Germany.

  • Aloimonos Y. (July 2009), "Active Segmentation", Workshop on Trends in Computer Vision,Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Aloimonos Y. (October 2009), "Perceptual competences of humanoids", Workshop Humanoids@Home, Karlsruhe, Germany.

  • Aloimonos Y. (November 2009), "Human Activity Languages: Theory and Applications", Human Motion Conference, Aalborg Univ., Odense, Denmark.

  • Leonardis A. (2009), "Learning a Hierarchical Compositional Shape Vocabulary for Multiclass Object Representation", First Workshop on Stochastic Image Grammars, in conjunction with CVPR 09, Miami ( also ECVP’09 Regensgurg, WTCV 09 Technical University Prague Czech Republic, University of Birmingham United Kingdom, University of Surrey United Kingdom, University of British Columbia Canada, Simon Fraser University Canada).

  • Wallraven C. and Bülthoff H. H. (2009), "Beyond vision: multi-sensory processing in humans and machines", Workshop on Trends in Computer Vision 2009, Praha, Czech Republic (also SPHCV-ECVP09 Regensburg Germany).

  • Kaulard K. and Wallraven C. (01 2009), "Visual Perception of dynamic facial expressions", International Trade Fair for Trends in Optics (OPTI 2009), München, Germany.

  • Fadiga L. (2009), Invited Talk at the Aiginiteion Hospital, Athens, Greece (also University of Maryland Baltimore USA, INSERM Lyon France, University of Leiden Leiden, Stony Brook Conference on Action and Language New York, European Congress of Neurological Societies Firenze, Annual Congress of the Italian Society for Psychophysiology Siena, University of Cambridge UK, Italian Society for Neuroscience, Milan Italy, NLC2009 Chicago, Annual Congress of the Italian Society for Psychophysiology Siena.

  • D' Ausilio A. (23/09/09), Invited Talk at the National Congress of Psychology, Chiety.

  • Craighero L. (10/2009), Poster presentation at the Neurobiology of Language Conference (NLC2009), Chicago, USA.

  • D' Ausilio A. (10/2009), Poster presentation at the Neurobiology of Language Conference (NLC2009), Chicago, USA.

  • 2008
  • Pastra K. (19 December 2008), "PRAXICON: correlation of natural language, human body movements and images for artificial agents", Computer Vision Speech Communication and Signal Processing Group, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece.

  • Pastra K. (13 December 2008), "From Lexicons to PRAXICONs: language-motion and images for artificial agents", Language and Motion talk series, Neuropsychology Unit, Aiginiteion Hospital, Athens, Greece (in Greek).

  • Pastra K. (02 April 2008), "The poetics of everyday life: grounding resources and mechanisms for artificial agents", EU project presentations session, International Conference on Cognitive Systems, Karlsrόhe, Germany.

  • Pastra K. (15 February 2008), "The POETICON project", Athena Research Centre, Athens, Greece.

  • Aloimonos Y. (April 2008), "Hands, mouths and words", 1st Intl Conference on Cognitive Systems, Karlsruhe, Germany.

  • Aloimonos Y. (May 2008), "Sensorimotor linguistics", Univ. of Pensylvania, Cognitive Science Colloquium.

  • Aloimonos Y. (May 2008), "The POETICON: languages of sensorimotor experiences", Google Tech Talk, Mountain View, CA.

  • Aloimonos Y. (July 2008), "New approaches to segmentation", Int'l Workshop on Mathematics and Image Processing, Singapore.

  • Aloimonos Y. (September 2008), "A new segmentation constraint and the theory of swirling fields", AFOSR Workshop on Surface Representation in Mid-Level Vision, Smith Kettlewell Eye Institute, San Fransisco, CA.

  • Aloimonos Y. (September 2008), "Languages of motor synergies: a new approach to human action", Int'l Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras, Stanford, CA.

  • Leonardis A. (2008), "Learning Hierarchical Compositional Representations of Object Categories", Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen, Germany, (also ECCV 2008 Marseill France, UF Freiburg Germany, SWCV Stockholm Sweeden, GUT Gradec Austria, BVSM 2008 Ljubljana Slovenia, WCHV KAIST Daejeon Korea, SU SM Seoul Korea, SNU Seoul Korea, INRIA Grenoble France).

  • Caselli L. (February 2008), "Visual feedbask from the own acting hand modulates the activity of grasping neurons in monkey premotor area F5", Primate Neurobiology, 1st Annual Meeting, Tubingen, Germany

  • Craighero L. (July 2008), "Motor and cognitive functions of the ventral premotor cortex", XXIX International Congress of Psychology, Berlin, Germany.

  • Senot P., D'Ausilio A., Franca M., Caselli L., Craighero L. & Fadiga L. (Jul 2008), "Implicit Coding of Observed Kinematics: the Case of Lifting Object with Different Weights", FENS 2008, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Fadiga L. (January 2008), "Music, Language and Brain", International Meeting, Dijon.

  • Fadiga L. (April 2008), "Des actions partagées au fait de communication: le rôle des neurones miroirs", Colloque international et interdisciplinaire sur le thème: Des Neurosciences à la Psychopathologie: Action, Langage, Imaginaire. Bron, France.

  • Fadiga L. (May 2008), "Mirror neurons, imitation and the language", 13th ECCN, Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Fadiga L. (June 2008), "The supramodal syntax: a missing link between action representation and human communication", Neuromusic III Conference: Disorders and plasticity, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

  • Fadiga L. (December 2008), "Perception-Action et Troubles des Apprentissages", Université de Bourgogne, France.

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